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    SDR850 lens transmission meter

      SDR850 lens transmission meter

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    SDR850 is used for testing the transmission value of the mobile phonelens, including IR transmission value at wavelength 940nm and 850nm, VLtransmission value at wavelength 550nm.

       1. Size: 200mm*180mm*106mm (L*W*H)
        2. Size of Testing sample: > Dia.1.0

        3. Weight: about 1500g
        4. Resolution: measure value <10% is 0.1%, other range is 1%
        5. Accuracy: +/-2%(Colorless and transparent material)
        6. IR Peak wavelength: 940nm and 850nm
        7. VL Peak wavelength: 550nm
        8. Power supply: 9V

       1. Especially suitable for mobile phone lens infrared transmittance andvisible light transmittance testing;
        2. Self-calibration and auto-calibration, after startup automatictransmittance calibration to 100%
        3. Stainless steel table design, easy operate

    Standard packing list
       1. SDR850  lens transmission meter                  1pcs
        2. 9V  Adapter                                                   1pcs
        3. User Manual                                                  1pcs
        4.Certificate / warran
    .ty card                             1pcs


      1.The meter has one-year warranty. If the meter worksabnormally, please send the whole meter to the company for maintenance

    2.Provideusers with spare parts and lifelong maintenance services

    3.Providethe users with the meter inspection service for free

    4.Free technical support for long term

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