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    SDR60G Gloss Meter

      SDR60G Gloss Meter

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    Gloss measurement of materials andproducts in the fields of paint coatings, decorative materials, buildingmaterials, plastic materials, ceramic products, stone products, wood products,leather products, film-coated paper towel, printing ink, car maintenance,molding tool, metal coating, etc.



        1.Measuring Angle: 60°
        2.Measuring Area:8mm*4mm
        3.Measurement range: 0-200GU
        4.Resolution: 0.1GU
        6.Reproducibility: ±0.4%
        7.Zero error: 0.1GU
        8.Error of indication: ±1.0%
        9.Working temperature: 10
        10.Storage temperature: -10
        11.Relative humidity: Less than 85
    , no dew
        12.Power supply: Lithium rechargeable battery
        13.Meter size: 122mm* 34mm* 60mm(L*W*H)
        14.Meter weight: 332g



     1, exquisite, light shape, extremely  convenient carry and use

    2, automatic calibration when you open themeasurement, without hand adjustment, high stability

    3, fully intelligent design, one buttonoperation, one hand can achieve all the operations, easy to use

    4, long life light source, need not change

    5, LCD digital display, clear

    6, built-in high-capacity lithium battery, canbe repeated charging, full of electricity can be measured for more than 12hours

    7. It is rich in function, accurate inmeasurement, good in repeatability and high in cost performance

    Factory list 

        1.Gloss meter, model:SDR60G                              1
        2.Calibration Holder with the standard                   1
        3.USB data line                                                      1
        4.Charger                                                              1
        5.Special lens cloth                                                1
        6.User manual                                                       1
    Instrument box                                                    1
        8.Product qualification certificate / warranty card             1



        1.The meter has one-yearwarranty. If the meter works abnormally, please send the whole meter to thecompany for maintenance
        2.Provide users with spare parts and lifelong maintenanceservices
        3.Provide the users with the meter inspection service for free
        4.Free technical support for long term

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