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    UV Measuring Instrument UV-140

      UV Measuring Instrument UV-140

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    The UV-140 is a high quality UV measuring instrument
    The uv-140 is used to measure UV energy of different light sources, especially on Germicidal lamp. It is to ensure quality control of Germicidal lamp.
    It is measuring an integral  in the spectral range from   230-280nm, with a peak  at the area of 254nm. 
    By addition of the incidence of the light quantities during the exposure cycle,
    relative values are  calculated.
    Because of uneven radiation distribution of the UV light source and different type of construction of the measuring devices by different manufacturer, different readings may appear under the same  measurement conditions.

    Instruction for use
    Switch on the UV-140   The display will show "0"
    Place the UV- Integrator 140 with the front facing the conveyer belt. The sensor is on the back. The back plate of the UV- Integrator 140 serves as the heat shield.
    After the UV-Integrator 140 has passed through the conveyer, take the UV- Integrator from the conveyer belt in order to read the measuring result. The measuring are shown as: 
    Prior to a new measuring sequence, it is necessary to switch "off" and then "on" again.  This will reset the display to "0".  Continue as described in Step 2.
     Please avoid shaking the UV-140.
    UV-light is hazardous to your health.  Avoid direct UV-light to your eyes and to your body.

    Technical Data:
    Spectral range:          UV 230-280nm
    Measuring range:        0 to 5,000 
    Display range:           0 to 999,999 
    Power source:           Long life 3.6V Lithium Battery
    Power service life:       10,000hrs
    5.5"(140mm) ? , 0.5"(13mm)height
    Weight:               approx 16 oz(450 gr.)
    Temperature range:       0 to 45°Celsius
    While on the conveyer belt, the UV-140 can withstand max.230°F(110°c)for up to 10 seconds.
    In order to keep its full function and precision it is recommended to have re-calibration done once per year.
    Re-calibration will also be necessary after change of battery.
    Warranty: 1 years from the date of purchase
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