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  • About Us


    Q Q:931514164
    Address:601, NO.1 building, hesheng Industrial Zone, hebei industrial park,Longhua New District, Shenzhen

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    一、Company  profile

    Shenzhen Speedre Technology Co.,LTD islocated in China'sreform and opening up the first special economic zone- Shenzhen. After years ofdevelopment, it has grown into a company with independent intellectual propertyrights products and cooperate with foreign famous brand instrument andequipment.  Our main production and sales of light transmittance meter,energy meter, UV gloss meter, endoscope, coating thickness tester and opticalinstruments and non-destructive testing equipment.
    Our Company adhering to the "service first,winning speed, heavy feeling heavy, rich sharing" business philosophy,integrity of the business that the company received a rapid growth. In a shortperiod of time has been recognized by the industry, customers throughout thecountry.


    二、Company  culture

    Shenzhen Speedre Technology Co.,LTD attached muchsignificance to its culture. 

    The secret of SPEEDRE success is : All people with allstrength do one thing.

     Once a good team is formed, the multiplicationeffect of "1+1 > 2" is produced. Shenzhen Speedre TechnologyCo.,LTD has a group of high-quality quick pre-sales, customer service serviceengineer, power source and the development of the company team is excellent,but also provide good service for the customer's guarantee.

    The vision of enterprise:
    Let us be accurate, precise, make China made into China made wisdom
    The spirit of enterprise:   
    Service first, winning speed, heavy feeling heavy, sharing


    二、Company  business unit

    Shenzhen Speedre Technology Co.,LTD isdivided into three business Unit.

    1.Selt-owned brand BU.

    Shenzhen Speedre Technology Co.,LTD. isstanding at a higher starting point. After engaged in many years of opticalinstrument industry we has built our own brand of knowledge "SDR".SDR brand products include: transmittance tester , UV intensity meter, glossmeter , coating thickness tester, testing machine , pencil hardness machine,and the upcoming new products Everfount.

    2.Internalional brand agency BU.

    Europe and the United States as early as the firstindustrial revolution in eighteenth Century and the second industrialrevolution in nineteenth Century, the demand for various types of instrumentshas been increasing. So far in twenty-first Century, the leading position ofthe European and American countries in the instrument industry is still very obvious.In order to let the world excellent products to better serve our Chinesemanufacturing services, our company has cooperated with many very famousinternational instrument manufacturers.

    3.Optical laboratory BU.

    SPEEDRE optics laboratory was founded bythe Shenzhen Speedre Technology Co., Ltd. in October 2012 .

    The creation of purpose is: 1. to build ourself knowledge of brand, according to market demand, optical products and otherproducts, the company has been in a leading position in the industry; 2. forthe sale of products (including the independent production of products andagents of foreign brand products) for technical support, truly seamlesscustomer service pre-sales support, life-long maintenance.

    After nearly five years of developmentSPEEDRE optics laboratory has made significant achievements. In the opticalinstrument, we have successfully developed a series of transmittanceinstrument, UV energy meter  and glossmeter. The product performance is higher than the whole industry, and theproduct requirements are higher than the national standard. Among otherproducts have been developed into ball impact series, pencil hardness machine,in strict accordance with the relevant national standards. After several yearsof market reaction, our comany has been praised by users, so that the companyhas accumulated a large number of customer groups, including a number of listedcompanies for long-term project cooperation. In order to make the terminalsales of each machine will be precise, accurate and fast SPEEDRE opticslaboratory check and issue the measurement certificate for each instrumentfactory.